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Edward River (Kolety)

Edward River, Deniliquin 2710

Ph: 1800650712

At the heart of Deni is the Edward River (Kolety) – a place of natural beauty that’s home to well-loved beaches, swimming spots, boat ramps, long stretches to explore by kayak, and plenty of places to throw in a line in search of Murray Cod.

Here the water calls you to go at your own speed – from the thrill of water-skiing to a quiet float as the currents take you past the majestic red forest gums which line the riverbanks.

The Edward River (Kolety) lies within the traditional lands of the Wamba Wamba Perrepa Perrepa Nations. The traditional name for the river is ‘Kolety’ (pronounced ‘kol-etch’).

The Edward River (Kolety) around Deni is divided into a ski zone and a no-ski zone – so it’s up to you whether you want adrenalin pumping action in your speed boat or to take things easy in your kayak or houseboat.