Capricorn Highway

QUEENSLAND LANDSCAPES, 580KM, Rockhampton, Barcaldine
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Capricorn Highway

The Capricorn Way really displays the differences in Queensland landscapes. Starting in Rockhampton not far from the coast this 580 km highway takes you through ancient landscapes, winding its way through ranges and gem fields into Barcaldine, the gateway to Queensland’s Outback.

Prepare for dinosaur country in the Outback by fossicking for Thunder Eggs at Mt Hay or sapphires in the aptly named Sapphire Gemfields. Alpha and Jericho are small outback towns that will welcome you with open arms with Outback hospitality and Barcaldine will wow you with the Tree of Knowledge and stories of how the 1891 shearers strike led to the foundation of the A.L.P.

Capricorn Highway Itineraries

Capricorn Way


From Rockhampton to Barcaldine

Have you ever seen a real dinosaur fossil, experienced an ancient rainforest, mined for your own sapphires or explored one of the Seven Natural Wonder

Rockhampton to Emerald via the Sandstone Wonders


From Rockhampton to Emerald

Take a scenic detour from Rockhampton to Emerald along the Dawson Highway.


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