Adventure Way

ADVENTUROUS ESCAPE, 1397KM, Brisbane, Innaminka
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Adventure Way

Retrace the tracks of Cobb & Co, as you traverse the unique and fascinating Adventure Way. Bitumen roads now replace the rutted tracks once taken by horse drawn coaches of all but the last 150 km, enabling even those in a two-wheel drive to experience the richness of this route. The rewards are spectacular – vivid sunrises and sunsets, night skies with millions of stars. The Adventure Way takes you from Dalby, to the outback plains. The mulga slowly gives way to a treeless gibber landscape and Queensland meets South Australia. You won’t be on the road long till you understand why they call it the Adventure Way! From gut wrenching stories of spirit and tragedy, Queensland’s outback has become famous and evolved into a must see destination. However, don’t think venturing into the outback means a loss of civilisation. All along the route, there is fine accommodation, hearty meals, and plenty of water for hot relaxing showers provided courtesy of the Artesian Basin, the vein of life running under this stark beautiful land. You could easily accomplish the whole drive in two days but then you would miss all the exciting activities and sites along the way.

Adventure Way Itineraries

Discover Thargomindah


From Thargomindah to Thargomindah

Check out the stone Cobb & Co Crossing which was the main access into town across the Bulloo River before bridges were built. ...

Yowah Opal Sidetrip


From Yowah to Yowah

The turnoff to Yowah is 18 km west of Eulo on the Adventure Way. Its then 73 km which includes 23km on dirt roads. Discover the story of Australia’s national gem in Yowah....

Discover Eulo


From Eulo to Eulo

Imagine a lovely green oasis, set amongst the mulga. This is Eulo. It’s little more than a one-pub, one-general store town and yet it has a distinct charm. ...

Discover Cunnamulla


From Cunnamulla to Cunnamulla

You’ll know you’ve arrived when you spot the Cunnamulla Fella. This larger-than-life statue is a tribute to the Aussie larrikin stockman....

Southern Inland Fishing Loop


From St George to Bollon

This part of Queensland is famous for its fresh water fishing. The rivers and waterways that traverse the Balonne Shire are ...

Adventure Way


From Brisbane to Innaminka

The Adventure Way takes you from Brisbane, to the outback plains where the mulga slowly gives way to ...

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