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Ozpaddle Sydney

Town: Sydney

Address: 1C Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney, 2000, NSW

CSW Tours, Halfday

Ozpaddle Sydney offers unique experiences kayaking in Sydney Harbour. You will kayak around the botanical gardens and right up to the Sydney Opera House with amazing views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the city. This is the most surprisingly peaceful part of the harbour in the mornings.

Sophie was the first to start kayak tours on Sydney Harbour in 2010. Her aim is to offer a personal, memorable and high-quality experience. Sophie is an experienced kayaker who has competed in kayaking races and is an accredited guide and instructor. Sophie is passionate about showing her customers how to paddle correctly to make the experience easier. The equipment used is the best possible with Australian-made plastic recreational kayaks, singles or doubles, and lightweight carbon fibre paddles which are invaluable, especially for the inexperienced.

The goal is to give people more confidence on the water and inspire customers to kayak more in the future once they have experienced valuable knowledge in technique which makes kayaking easier.

Photography is also a passion of Sophie’s and many beautiful photos are included as part of the tour price.