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Melbourne’s True Crime Tour

Town: Melbourne

Address: 8 Hour Reserve, Melbourne, 3000, VIC

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Take a Walk on the Dark Side…

Melbourne: A cosmopolitan town with rich culture, history, and a passion for food, art, sport and True Crime.

Enjoy a leisurely guided walking tour revisiting historic true crime spots that will leave you speechless.

Uncover the lost histories of murder, intrigue, unsolved cases, blackmail, scandals and much more.

Learn about the lives of the big names from Melbourne’s Crime History past and the impossible situations they faced.

Undertake an exploration of Melbourne’s dark history – the ultimate destination for true crime enthusiasts.

Book your ticket for this unique investigation into a fascinating and complex history of true crime.

Rip away the fabric of polite society and take your chance to travel back in time to examine the annals of Melbourne’s true crime history.

Reach deep into the paradise of Melbourne’s complex dark past and unearth the buried secrets that lurk within its streets.

…stories the city couldn’t make up…