Mundubbera to Gayndah


Mundubbera | Gayndah

Australia's Country Way

Take this drive through Mundubbera to Gayndah and discover beautiful countryside, friendly locals and historical gems.

Mundubbera to Gayndah

50 KM

7kms south of Mundubbera on the A3 you pass the much photographed unique historical ‘Footstep’ or Knobby Tree (commonly known as the popular box and bimble box tree) that dates back to early settlement. Continue south down the A3 and turn right at Redvale Road. Climbing the Binjour Plateau provides glorious views of the countryside that features rich red soil against green pastures. Continue through Gleneden to the turn off to McConnell Lookout. The drive up to the lookout, situated on Mount Gayndah, is well worth it with panoramic views of the beautiful Burnett River, flanked on both sides by many large citrus orchards, and to the south and west, huge tracts of farmland. From here, travel in either direction to Gayndah.