Gayndah-Biggenden Loop

70 KM

Gayndah | Biggenden

Australia's Country Way

Experience ancient history and culture through this exciting and unique loop.

Gayndah to Biggenden

70 KM

Drive 26km south of Gayndah on the Burnett Highway to Ban Ban Springs where a natural spring and popular picnic area are located. Ban Ban Springs is a traditional site of the Wakka Wakka people which is guarded by the Rainbow Serpent. In dreamtime, the Rainbow Serpent surfaced out of the spring and spoke to the elders of the tribe. He told them of the secrets of the sacred waters and how to use it. The Rainbow Serpent also told them of talks he had with the seven sisters (known as seven volcanic mountains that run alongside the Coalstoun Lakes area). He told of the wonders he had seen while making the pathway for the sacred water to flow in the spring. People have respected the spirits of the spring and it will always be kept as an area and meeting place for all.

Turn left at Ban Ban Springs towards Coalstoun Lakes where the volcanic history of the area is apparent everywhere. There are two old craters about 25km south of Biggenden which fill with water after heavy rains. They are known as the Coalstoun Lakes. Situated between Biggenden and Coalstoun Lakes is the turn off to Coongarra Rock at Lords Road which goes to within a short distance of this spectacular outcrop in a dry scrubby State Forest. Stay on and enjoy the Biggenden district or return to Gayndah via Gooroolba. View the War Memorial funded and erected by the people of the Gooroolba District to commemorate those who served in the Great War and the 2nd World War. On the Gooroolba Road is a plaque on a fence marking the site of the Resolute Post Office. Resolute was the name given to the Gooroolba District when the three communes were established around the 1890’s.