Fishing the Fitzroy

Less than 150 KM

Fitzroy River | Port Alma

Australia's Country Way Leichhardt Highway

Rockhampton is an ideal fishing destination for you to pull up for a day, or two, or longer. There is a river full of barramundi and good size king (or threadfin) salmon, and experienced anglers happy to pass on their local secrets you are sure to bag a decent catch.

Rockhampton to Fitzroy River

Rockhampton to Fitzroy River >25 KM | 10 min

Fishing the Fitzroy; what a place to catch Barramundi and King Threadfin.

Start your visit off in Rockhampton with a fishing trip on the Fitzroy River. If fishing is described as the ultimate stress relief, Rockhampton must be the relaxation centre of the world. South Rockhampton has several land based and boating hot spots right in the city or within the nearby recreation precincts.

Whether you’re fishing from your boat or the bank, South Rockhampton has an abundance of freshwater and saltwater zones that border the Fitzroy River Barrage, the bridges and rocks.

North Rockhampton also offers easily accessible boat ramps, the perfect place to launch your boat on your journey to snag the big one, or two or three!

Locals will tell you that each year there are more and more barramundi caught in the city reaches. The only dilemma from your days fishing will be how you are going to store your enormous catch. To find out more on where to hotspots are visit the Explore Rockhampton Website for all your fishing information.

Fitzroy River to Port Alma

Fitzroy River to Port Alma 61 KM | 49 min

Today, make your way ever so slightly outside the region along the Bruce Highway to discover the remarkable location of Port Alma.

A short 50 minute drive from Rockhampton to Port Alma will reward you with a series of massive estuaries filled with salmon, cod, trevally, grey mackerel and even black jewfish!

The north of the port is the mouth of the mighty Fitzroy which is a fantastic spot to fish or toss a few crab pots into the little creeks around there. Prawns are plentiful and a few throws with a cast net will return you a meal sized catch. The local fisherman will tell you if the prawns are running so are the king salmon and barramundi.

If oysters are more to your liking just upstream of the boat ramp is the oyster encrusted Rock Bar. You haven’t truly tasted an oyster until you have eaten one fresher- than- fresh straight from the rocks.

WARNING: You can only take what you consume on-site. You must not remove oysters from their location.