Discover Eulo



Imagine a lovely green oasis, set amongst the mulga. This is Eulo. It’s little more than a one-pub, one-general store town and yet it has a distinct charm. Spend time exploring this delightful haven perched on the banks of the Paroo River … you’ll be glad you did.

Back in the 1880s when opal mining was at its peak, Eulo was a bustling township with three hotels. For a while it was home to one of the legends of the opal era, ‘The Eulo Queen’. Today the town centrepiece is the Eulo Queen Hotel, named after the thrice-married pub owner, storekeeper and opal trader, Isabel Gray. According to folklore, she was attempting to eject an unruly drinker, and roared: “I’m the Eulo Queen – now get out!” Visit the Eulo Queen Hotel and sample their signature dish, the Eulo Queen Special Sausages. While there, you should take a moment to read some of the local versions of the Eulo Queen story posted on the walls. Each winter, beekeepers travel to Eulo so their bees can feed on the Yapunyah tree, a Warrego variety of Eucalyptus found in the region. The outback honey they produce is often described as you would a fine wine… dark amber, tasting of caramel and spicy butterscotch with a hint of pepper. It’s no surprise that this gourmet honey has taken out blue ribbons at The Royal Easter Show in Sydney. You can purchase a selection of natural honey skin products from the Eulo Queen Arts and Opal Centre.