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Warwick Pentathrun

Town: Warwick

Address: , Warwick, 4370, QLD

Sporting Events

The Warwick Pentathrun is a weekend event held at the end of May each year. It comprises five races, each of which is a different “type” of race, which means a competitor has completed a Marathon Distance over the weekend in five different events.

Starting with a half marathon Saturday morning, followed by breakfast and a bus back to the start (yes, it is one of the rare race events where you get to run somewhere and not just in a circuit), then after a short rest, they have a 4.6km cross country.

The Saturday concludes with a 5km flat road race followed by presentations. Sunday sees an early start for a 10km hill climb at Killarney, finishing again with complimentary breakfast, and the weekend concludes with a 1500-meter “sprint” race in the centre of Warwick.



24-05-2025 to 25-05-2025

Originally Started: 25-05-2024

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