UNE Life 12 Hours in the Piney

Start date: 2 Apr 2022 / End date: 5 Nov 2022
Next Event Date: 5 Nov 2022

Sport UNE Armidale, ARMIDALE 2350

Ph: 0409292310

This year they are going back to the “Classic” feel, the 2022 UNE Life 12 Hours in the Piney will be held as a 12 hour, 9am to 9pm.

The UNE Life 12 Hours At The Piney will roll back to the 12 hour race format for 2022 bringing back some of those cool night laps for the masses. The last lap must be started before Saturday 7:45pm.

The format will be a simple 12 hour race for solo, pairs or teams around the extended SportUNE trails! Almost half the trail will be brand new DirtArt constructed single track and the grass sections are gone!

They will also have the Adaptive and Dirtmasters categories.

Looking forward to seeing you in Armidale in November.

Event dates for next 12 Months: 5 Nov 2022