Carnell Classic

Start date: 20 Mar 2021 / End date: 21 Mar 2021

Rifle range road, Stanthorpe 4380

Ph: 0408454986

A Historic Motorcycle Race catering for machines built prior to 1991. The Queensland Early Motorcycle Sports Club promotes road racing for all types of motorcycles up to December 1990. This includes solo classes for pre-1946 ( Period 2, Vintage ), pre-1963 ( Period 3, Classic ) pre-1973 ( Period 4, Post Classic ), pre-1983 ( Period 5, Forgotten era ) & pre 1993 ( Period 6, New Era).

To be eligible for racing, machines must be visually compatible with those manufactured in the period. i.e. they can be modified internally but must look period. This means the bikes are fast – rules allow for them to be internally modified using modern materials and also allowing them to run modern race compound tyres. A lot are running modern crankshafts, pistons, valves etc allowing compression ratios of up to 15:1 and engines capable of up to 13,000 RPM.

Run-on the famous Carnell Raceway which provides excellent viewpoints for the enthusiastic spectator and exciting racing for the competitor

Event dates for next 12 Months: 20 Mar 2021 | 21 Mar 2021