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Searching for Sanctuary: A journey of survival by Barat Ali Batoor

Town: Melbourne

Address: 328 Swanston Street, Melbourne, 3000, VIC

Exhibition and Shows

Experience the untold story of an asylum seeker overcoming unthinkable odds.

Double Walkley Award winning documentary photographer Barat Ali Batoor takes you beyond the headlines to reveal his personal journey as a Hazara asylum seeker.

After publishing a piece in The Washington Post exposing child exploitation in his homeland of Afghanistan, Batoor became the target of death threats. Forced to flee his country, he began a perilous life in exile – but he never stopped taking photos.

From Pakistan and Thailand to Indonesia and Australia, Batoor spent one year enduring the impossible while capturing the untold stories of what it means to be an asylum seeker. Witness Batoor’s poignant, life-affirming documentation of searching for sanctuary.



22-07-2024 to 06-10-2024

Originally Started: 25-06-2024