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Oh My Goddess! Adrienne Doig at the Hellenic Museum

Town: Melbourne

Address: 280 William Street, Melbourne, 3000, VIC

Exhibition and Shows

Tap into your inner goddess through the playful works of Adrienne Doig.

Over 2000 years ago, ancient Greeks and Romans crafted small statues known as votive figures. Although simple in design and made from humble terracotta, these were significant objects intended as offerings to temples, shrines and graves.

In Oh My Goddess!, Adrienne Doig’s statuettes reframe ancient votives in a captivating and modern exploration of personal worship. By creating these goddesses in her own image, Doig disrupts the conventional artist-muse relationship to delve into the complexity of the self, and the many facets of one’s inner goddess. Created from recycled fabrics, her goddesses pay homage to a long history of women in the textile arts and extend the conversation to nature and sustainability.

In Oh My Goddess!, viewers are encouraged to explore the intersections of personal identity, mythology and environmental consciousness. Adrienne Doig’s figures become a conduit for discussions on the malleability of religious and artistic narratives, challenging viewers to ponder whether the divine was shaped in humanity’s image or if humans, in turn, moulded gods in their own likeness.




15-06-2024 to 21-07-2024

Originally Started: 06-04-2024