Myall Creek and beyond

Start date: 22 Jul 2018 / End date: 23 Jul 2018

106-114 Kentucky Street, Armidale 2350

Ph: 0267725255

A group of contemporary Indigenous artists respond to the Myall Creek Massacre and its aftermath in this new exhibition.

On the afternoon of Sunday 10 June 1838 a group of eleven convicts and ex-convict stockmen brutally slaughtered a group of twenty-eight Aboriginal men, women and children who were camped peacefully at the station of Myall Creek in the New England region.

Although there were many other massacres of Indigenous people, this one was the only time when white men were arrested, charged and hanged for the massacre of Aborigines, following a police investigation.

Featuring artworks by Robert Andrew, Fiona Foley, Laurie Nilsen, Judy Watson and other artists. Curated by Bianca Beetson.

Presented by the New England Regional Art Museum and the Friends of Myall Creek Memorial.