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Jordan Wolfson: Body Sculpture

Town: Parkes

Address: Parkes Place East, Parkes, 2600, ACT

Exhibition and Shows

Jordan Wolfson is an artist whose work reflects the socio-political currents of the United States today. Acting as a witness to the shadow forces within the human condition, Wolfson positions the viewer in a physical and moral confrontation with issues confronting society.

Wolfson’s animatronic sculptures stage the artist’s desire to reach a deeper register of audience feeling. His works reside at the interface of art history and new technology, drawing from a lineage of 20th century sculpture as well as images and motifs from the mass media, popular culture and the internet.

This is the first solo presentation of Wolfson’s work in Australia and will feature the world premiere of Body Sculpture – a major acquisition for the National Gallery’s collection. As with Wolfson’s previous animatronic works Female Figure 2014 and Colored Sculpture 2016, this new work combines sculpture and performance to generate emotional and physical responses in the viewer. Body Sculpture will be shown alongside a selection of earlier works, offering Australian audiences a full expression of Wolfson’s innovative vision.




15-06-2024 to 28-07-2024

Originally Started: 14-03-2024

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