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Do I Make You Uncomfortable exhibition by Elise Heather

Town: Warwick

Address: 49 Albion Street, Warwick, 4370, QLD

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Elise Heather is a Toowoomba based mixed media and textile artist who makes out of her home based studio in Wilsonton. Her works are inspired by nature, the unseen & forgotten and her experiences with ASD (as a neurodivergent person and parent to one).

Although being autistic is not all Elise is, it does define a large part of how she interacts and interprets with the world as well as parts of her artistic process. This body of work explores how the behaviours of the neurodivergent can be perceived as strange and can generate a feeling of discomfort for the neurotypical person and vice versa.

To allow neurotypical people to experience the feelings an odd bug can produce and draw parallels between their experience and their feelings towards neurodivergent people. Similar to the way a strange creature can make you feel slightly uncomfortable by their presence and behaviour.



15-06-2024 to 13-07-2024

Originally Started: 13-06-2024

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