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Carbon_Dating Travelling Exhibition

Town: Warwick

Address: 49 Albion Street, Warwick, 4370, QLD

Exhibition and Shows

The Carbon_Dating exhibition presents a series of artwork-based experiments that aim to generate interest in Australia’s often endangered native grasses – reminding us that restoring the health of our environment will require us to look beyond the ‘charismatic species’ that so often steal our attention. By drawing on Indigenous cultural, scientific, botanical and artistic understandings, the Carbon_Dating Project asks: how might we begin to see our grass and grasslands in new, more equal and ecological ways?

The exhibition tracks how the project assembled 6 teams of scientists, artists, growers and First Nations informants across QLD during 2022-3 (@Miles, Gold Coast, Somerset, Samford Valley, Sunshine Coast, and Cairns) – to grow and care for their own plot of native grasses. Those Queensland artist/grass carers make up what we call a ‘community of care’ for native grasses and grasslands.

Artists from each site were then commissioned to make artworks responding to their very different experiences. The Carbon_Dating exhibition now presents and shares the project’s rich learnings, its diverse stories and the many artworks produced – including sculpture, weaving, illustration, installation, textiles, photography, new media, film and performance.

This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.



15-06-2024 to 13-07-2024

Originally Started: 13-06-2024

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