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Busy Fingers Handwork Exhibition

Town: Glen Innes

Address: , Glen Innes, 2370, NSW

Exhibition and Shows

A delightful exhibition curated by Astrid Scheer, portraying the many handwork techniques featuring a collection of exquisite handcrafted articles and the tools that go along with them.

It harks back to the time when sewing classes to teach the girls how to ‘sew a fine seam’ were sometimes taught by the wife of the headmaster or talented local seamstresses.

Samplers on display include the work of Helen Brigid Wetherspoon, 1907 Glencoe; Kitty Hartmann, 1904 Dundee and 1898 Christina Taylor 1898, Grahams Valley.

Samplers had letters and numbers or were more elaborate to show such techniques as buttonholes, hemstitching, cross stitch, blanket stitch, French seam, run and fell seam blind seam.

Fancy dress clothes were made at home (not hired as is often the case today), such as the flower costume made by Gladys Chappell for her daughter Liz. Gladys also excelled at tattooing and some of her work is there amongst crochet and embroidery.

The displays include Bessie Hutton’s ‘feather and fan’ pattern bed jacket, Jenny Anderson’s whimsical colourful knitted child’s jumper, Unna Attwood’s beautiful cross stitch depicting Fashion through the Ages, the 1995 Dundee Community Quilt, Margaret Turnbull’s, and Roslyn Vimpany’s spinning and weaving.



22-07-2024 to 31-07-2024

Originally Started: 10-07-2024

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