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The Big HOO-HAA! – The Saturday Experiment – Chaos Factory

Town: Melbourne

Address: Carson Place, Melbourne, 3004, VIC

Concert or Performance

Come! Enter the Chaos Factory and witness the most diabolical of hosts subject HOO-HAA’s wittiest comedic minds to an anarchy of challenges in a game show like no other.

This is the live show for fans of panel shows like 8 out of 10 Cats, Have You Been Paying Attention and Game Changer, where contestants are challenged to think fast on their feet to come up with puns, punchlines, and witty one-liners based on your suggestions. It stupid, it’s silly, it’s chaos in a game show!

The contestants don’t know what they’re in for… only the Chaos Master can see the method in his madness!




22-06-2024 to 22-06-2024