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Mysterion: Descent Into Hades

Town: Melbourne

Address: 280 William Street, Melbourne, 3000, VIC

Concert or Performance

Do you have what it takes to meddle in the affairs of the gods? Find out at Mysterion: Descent Into Hades, a responsive theatre experience by Medusa RPG x Hellenic Museum.

The Medusa Society is seeking initiates to take part in a ritual that will dissolve the boundary between worlds, in the hopes of stealing the secrets of immortality. Little do they know their ritual has interfered with an argument between Hades, ruler of the underworld and his wife Persephone, who is bound to his domain for six months of every year. As winter approaches, Hades grows lonely and impatient for her return while Persephone lingers in Olympus, yearning to live in eternal summer once again.

With the boundary between worlds blurred, initiates will have four hours to explore the Hellenic Museum – transformed into a myth-inspired playground – where they’ll encounter gods and heroes, undertake quests and puzzles, resolve the crisis between the gods, and help the Society uncover the secrets of immortality.




05-07-2024 to 13-07-2024