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Love Food Fair

Start date: 9 Apr 2024 / End date: 30 Oct 2024
Next Event Date: 29 Oct 2024

Martin Pl, Sydney 2000


Love Food Fair 2024 showcases a diverse array of restaurants, food, and products, all dedicated to promoting environmental conservation, animal welfare, and personal health.

Open to the public for free, Love Food Fair offers a tantalizing selection of cuisines and eco-friendly products to explore. Visitors can enjoy live music performances and captivating stage entertainment throughout the event.

Sponsored by the City of Sydney Council, Love Food Fair also features booths dedicated to environmental awareness and vegan products, providing opportunities for education and engagement on crucial issues.

Event dates for next 12 Months: 29 Oct 2024 | 29 Oct 2024 | 30 Oct 2024 | 30 Oct 2024