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Karakorum: A Medieval Musical Journey

Start date: 25 Jul 2018 / End date: 26 Jul 2018

2 Angel Place, Sydney 2000

Ph: 0293287581

Australian actor David Wenham will narrate Karakorum: A Medieval Musical Journey, the mesmerising new production which will see celebrated French ensemble La Camera delle Lacrime collaborate with the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra and Choir. Wenham, who has appeared in countless blockbuster films will bring the fascinating account of a 13th-century missionary to life on stage.

The text for the narration has been adapted from the exquisitely detailed and highly intriguing itinerarium of the 13th-century Flemish monk and missionary William of Rubruck. The diary chronicles the intrepid monk’s extraordinary journey from Constantinople to Karakorum at the behest of King Louis IX of France and contains the earliest surviving written description of Karakorum—the capital of the ancient Mongol empire.

Karakorum will have audiences hooked from the first notes with a powerful mix of medieval Christian psalms, Buddhist hymns, Sufi chants and sublime Mongolian and Kyrgyz melodies performed on rare ancient Asian and European instruments.