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Family Face Off! by the Big HOO-HAA!

Town: Melbourne

Address: Carson Place, Melbourne, 3004, VIC

Concert or Performance

Be part of the live studio audience for Family Face-Off, the improv comedy show where classic game show excitement meets the unpredictable hilarity of kooky family dynamics… turned up to eleven!

Blending the nostalgia of 90s game nights with the thrill of live, interactive entertainment. Two improv “families” go head-to-head in a series of challenges, drawing not only on their wits but on the whims of you, the audience.

That’s right! Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, your smartphone becomes your ticket to join in the fun. Vote on prompts, submit zany suggestions, and watch in glee as the scoreboard updates live, reflecting your direct impact on the game’s outcome.

Family Face-Off promises a game show filled with laughter, wacky characters, and unexpected turns!




13-07-2024 to 13-07-2024

Originally Started: 11-05-2024