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Showgrounds Model Train Show Shuttles

Town: Melbourne

Address: Flinders Street, Melbourne, 3004, VIC

Community Event

Join Steamrail Victoria as they operate the heritage ‘Red Rattler’ Tait Train on shuttles to Showgrounds Station in conjuction with the AMRA 52nd Model Train Show on Sunday 4th August 2024.

Sit back in comfort and style onboard our heritage train and wave to lineside photographers and surprised commuters as they travel in style with the windows down for that old-school Air Con experience. Relive the 20th Century commute on one of Melbourne’s most scenic lines with an express run between the inner suburbs and the city, with the Taits doing what they did best from 1919 until 1984.

Shuttles operate from Flinders Street Station to Melbourne Showgrounds every 40 minutes. Visit the model railway exhibition at your leisure or just come for a train ride through Melbourne’s inner west.




04-08-2024 to 04-08-2024