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National Thunder Motorcycle Rally – Tamworth

Start date: 1 Oct 2021 / End date: 3 Oct 2022
Next Event Date: 30 Sep 2022

Jack Smyth Drive, Tamworth 2340

Ph: 0267675555

After its a postponement in 2020 due to COVID-19, the inaugural annual National Thunder Motorcycle Rally will be held across the first weekend in October 2021. The rally will offer four days of action and camaraderie and will be built around the theme of bikes, music and food. The rally will include all motorcycle manufacturers’ brands, catering for individual riders, club members and organised groups.

This national event is expected to draw several thousand bikes to Tamworth and the surrounding region and will feature live music with local and national bands, specialised equine activities, dozens of vendors and much, much more.

Head online for event updates.

Event dates for next 12 Months: 30 Sep 2022 | 1 Oct 2022 | 2 Oct 2022 | 3 Oct 2022