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Asia Oasis Street Food Festival By The Yarra

Town: Melbourne

Address: 3 Boathouse Drive, Melbourne, 3004, VIC

Community Event, Concert or Performance, Festivals and Celebrations, Food and Wine

Asia Oasis Street Food Festival is all about authenticity, connection, and a whole lot of delicious Asian street food. More than 30 carefully selected vendors present cuisines from Vietnam, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and more. The festival brings together Asian street food that doesn’t make its way onto regular restaurant menus.

Each dish is cooked with love, narrating a unique story and inviting you to go on a flavourful adventure through Asia, buzzing with the aroma of flavourful spices and the joyful chatter of food enthusiasts.

What truly distinguishes this Festival is the ambience. Picture yourself strolling through the Festival grounds, surrounded by the soft glow of Hoi An lanterns and the rustic charm of Balinese huts. It’s an immersive experience that transports you to a nostalgic village setting, offering respite from the daily grind and a chance to slow down and connect with yourself and the community.

While the food undoubtedly takes centre stage, the Festival boasts a diverse lineup of beautiful performing arts and traditional folk games. It’s a celebration of culture in its most authentic form, a feast for your senses, and an invitation to immerse yourself fully in the moment.

Although free entry, with registration, you will enter into exciting door prizes that you surely enjoy.

This is a cashless event.

Proudly Sponsored by the City of Melbourne.




24-10-2024 to 27-10-2024