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Scribble Cat Studios – Drawing with Pen and Ink Class

Town: Hampton

Address: 505 Bluff Road, Hampton, 3188, VIC

Classes, Lessons, Workshops and Talks

In this course you will learn how to create evocative illustrations using pen, ink, and fine liners. You will discover various methods to use ink for different effects, starting with line work, hatching and stippling.

Your experienced tutor will demonstrate how to effectively use cross hatching and stippling techniques to add depth and atmosphere to an illustration.

From fine liners and dip pens to ball point and brush pens: you will get the opportunity to explore various tools and techniques to create light, tone, volume, and texture. You will observe elements and objects from nature and learn how to draw them by studying their form and shadows.

You will start with simple sketches and exercises. Then we will move on to create more complex illustrations. You will learn how to improve both: your observational and imaginative drawing skills!

Pen and ink drawing is an ancient drawing method that has been popular with artists for centuries. Their fun and relaxed classes are designed for all skill levels, so they will teach beginner to advanced students how to master this fascinating medium.




16-07-2024 to 16-07-2024

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