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Manuscripts Don’t Burn: Byzantine History Told Through Its Books

Town: Melbourne

Address: 280 William Street, Melbourne, 3000, VIC

Classes, Lessons, Workshops and Talks

In celebration of Melbourne Rare Book Week 2024, join the Hellenic Museum for a free talk unlocking the secrets of Byzantine manuscripts, the lives of their creators, and the politics of their destruction. Through interpreting these manuscripts, guests will learn about the empire that oversaw Europe’s transition from ancient paganism to Christianity, was the medieval threshold between East and West, and ushered ancient knowledge through to its modern heritage: Byzantine Greece.

Tickets include free entry to the museum before the talk, and a guided tour of the galleries afterwards. This includes a collection of Byzantine artefacts and manuscripts in the ‘Gods, Myths & Mortals’ exhibition, currently in its last months before returning to Athens.




20-07-2024 to 20-07-2024