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Australian Wildlife and Botanical Illustration Class

Town: Hampton

Address: 505 Bluff Road, Hampton, 3188, VIC

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Explore Australia’s wonderful flora and fauna through this unique drawing class for all skill levels! In this class you will learn how to draw wildlife and nature using observational and visual interpretation skills in a fun and engaging way.

You will learn essential drawing skills that will form the base for creating accurate and stunning illustrations of subjects of the natural world. You will study native animals and plants from photo references, models, and real-life examples.

No matter your level of skill or experience, you’ll gain a lot from taking this Wildlife and Botanical Illustration class. You will learn how to enhance your observational skills and be guided through the process of creating wildlife and nature drawings from scratch.

You will use a range of different materials starting with simple pencil sketches to more advanced illustrations using coloured pencil, charcoal, pastels and ink.

Australia’s natural world is a fascinating place, being able to capture it through the process of drawing provides insights into life that can expand you knowledge and change how you think about yourselves and the environment.

By the way, your experienced tutor Mara is also a trained volunteer wildlife carer and can provide you with some astonishing facts about Australian wildlife!

This class runs on a regular basis, view the website for more information!




02-07-2024 to 02-07-2024

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