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Ancient Astronomy for Kids

Town: Melbourne

Address: 280 William Street, Melbourne, 3000, VIC

Classes, Lessons, Workshops and Talks

The ancient Greeks are responsible for much of our knowledge about the natural sciences, especially when it comes to astronomy! Although thousands of years old, their methods, discoveries and myths about the stars can still be easily applied to stargazing today.

In this school holiday workshop, kids will explore the key concepts of Greek astronomers, including how they used the stars to navigate, the tools they used to study the sky, and the myths they told to explain what they saw. Participants will come away with the ability to identify constellations; a telescope of their own making; and take-home materials to construct an astrolabe, to continue tracking the planets and constellations!

This workshop is ideal for kids who are curious about science, history and mythology from ages 7–14. Tickets include all materials, and Museum general admission after the workshop.




13-07-2024 to 13-07-2024