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Milroy Observatory

Morriseys Road, Coonabarabran 2357

Ph: 0428288244

Come and join Donna the Astronomer on an amazing and entertaining journey through the Southern Night Sky at Milroy Observatory.

The show starts with a tour of the evening sky and then a number of bright and deep-sky objects are observed with the outdoor telescope. See planets, galaxies, nebulas and star clusters amongst other amazing night sky wonders. There are only two rules-have fun and ask questions!

Milroy Observatory is available for public viewing and is open every clear night.

For further details on viewing times, please contact direct.

Milroy is located 10 kilometres northwest of Coonabarabran on the Baradine Road, then turn left on to Morrisseys Road, go 200 metres then turn left at the gate with the “solar lights” and follow the road up.