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CSIRO Australia Telescope Compact Array

1828 Yarrie Lake Road, Narrabri 2390

Ph: 0267904070

The Dish times six! Satisfy your scientific curiosities at the most advanced radio telescope in the southern hemisphere. Just 25-kilometres west of Narrabri towards Wee Waa, you will discover the magic that draws scientists from around the world in their quest to unlock the secrets of the universe.

Consisting of six 22-metre wide dish antennas, the CSIRO Australia Telescope Compact Array is truly a sight to behold. A three-kilometre track holds five of the 270-tonne dishes, while the sixth is fixed approximately five-kilometre to the west. The antennas work together to stimulate a much larger antenna, allowing astronomers to observe very fine detail.

The Telescope Information Centre is a free self-guided tour and can answer all your questions, while regularly updated video showcases some of the “out-of-this-universe” photos captured by the antennas. Check out the computers for up-to-the-minute particulars on what is being tracked. This attraction is fascinating for both young and old. Even those who find the science a little bewildering will be captivated by the whispering dishes.