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Dthinna Dthinnawan National Park

Dthinna Dthinnawan National Park, Yetman 2410

Ph: 1300072757 / 0267927300

Dthinna Dthinnawan National Park gives you a feeling of having stepped back in time. It’s a place that’s so peaceful, it’s entirely likely you won’t see any other people here at all. In fact, the park is only open to the public when they’re staying at the heritage Inverary Homestead.

The flat or gently undulating landscape of Dthinna Dthinnawan is dominated by wide-open woodland dotted with scattered hills and billabongs. Take your time and enjoy exploring the tranquil surroundings, whether it be travelling across the wide-open plains, which are full of wildlife, in a 4WD, or following some of the rugged trails by foot or on a mountain bike. Birdwatching, spotlighting, walking, and 4WD touring are all popular pastimes in this area.

Travelling the long straight dirt roads enveloped by trees, you’re likely to encounter kangaroos darting across the road and…

**To keep visitors safe ALL camping in NSW national parks now requires a booking. For day visitors, please plan ahead and visit outside of peak periods (11am and 2pm). Check park alerts and visit COVID-19 updates for more information before visiting any park – **