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Blackdown Tableland National Park

Town: Dingo

Address: Charlevue Road, Dingo, 4702, QLD

National Parks and Reserves, Natural Attractions

Discover deep gorges, spectacular lookouts and scenic waterfalls in Blackdown Tableland National Park, traditional home of the Ghungalu people. Explore several walking tracks through the park and encounter the unusual plant communities that thrive in the cooler, elevated climate. Catch your breath from scenic lookouts and be amazed by ancient relics from the past.

Pitch your tent in Munall camping area for a night or two, with a quiet and shady bush setting close to walking tracks. Discover plants and animals that are found nowhere else including Blackdown stringybark, red bottlebrush, the Blackdown ‘monster’ (an underground cricket) and a Christmas beetle. Remember to book your camp site well in advance if you’re planning your trip during school holidays.




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