Historical Sites and Heritage Locations

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Athlone Cottage Historical Precinct

31 Dalby Street, Jandowae 4410

Ph: 0746685271

On the banks of Jandowae Creek, at the corner of High and Dalby streets, sits our heritage precinct. Wander through the beautiful grounds at leisure and discover our first school, the cream room and shearer’s quarters just to name a few. Stop and enjoy this piece of Queensland history.

Take a walk around town and locate some of our other original buildings. Be sure to check out the Memorial Hall, the Catholic Church, the Club Hotel and the Stationmaster’s House. Ask at the Jandowae Community and Cultural Centre, located on the corner of George and High Streets for all the details.

Whilst at the centre, ask about the Jandowae Light Horse Brigade, which became famous in 1929 after winning an interstate competition for the third consecutive time. Memorabilia and trophies are on display here.