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Stanthorpe Street Art

16 Maryland Street, Stanthorpe 4380


Stanthorpe’s CBD is scattered with street art between its boutique shopping and cafes. However, the giant murals are striking features that tell the story of the town and done by esteemed local and Australian artists and are well worth seeking out.

One of the most distinctive murals is the one opposite the post office that depicts Angelo Valiante, who turned 100 in the month of completion. Mr Valiante was one of the first Italians to settle in Stanthorpe. The work pays homage to the Italian community that has made the region what it is today (source: Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery).

See the murals and sculptures on foot, from Weeroona Pugh to the streets and lanes off the main street. A map and guide to the street art are available from the Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery in Weeroona Park or the Stanthorpe Visitor Information Centre.