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Bundawarrah Centre Cultural Precinct

Town: Temora

Address: 29 Junee Road, Temora, 2666, NSW

Galleries Museums and Collections

The Bundawarrah Centre is home to many of Temora’s attractions and modern facilities including the Temora Rural Museum, and Ambulance Museum. They host a constant stream of activities, events and exhibitions, visiting exhibitions such as the Bald Archies, the Temora Local and Family History Research Centre, Temora Shed 4 Men, TEMFM, Mother Shipton’s function centre with state-of-the-art kitchen facilities and the Visitor Information Centre.

The Bundawarrah Centre was established in 2011 to reflect the growing diversity of the Temora Rural Museum site. While the Rural Museum remains the principal attraction of the complex, its street frontage has been remodelled to provide a modern and welcoming introduction to the Temora community through the Temora Visitor Information Centre.



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