Vine Valley Inn

Start date: 16 Apr 2024 / End date: 17 Apr 2024

163-167 Vincent Street , Cessnock 2325

Ph: 0249914712

The Vine Valley Inn is an award-winning Inn located in Cessnock Hunter Valley.

The old United Service Hotel, where they are located, was built in 1923 and operated as a pub until the mid 80’s when the bars were converted to retail shops. The accommodation remained, and the once shared bathrooms went, and ensuites added to each room.

Cosy, friendly and unique boutique accommodation retro vintage styling, they are artists collectors, designers, inventors, makers and merchants. Lovers of all things chlorophyll green living and producing oxygen. They have a mid-century modern eclectic madness for colour shape, texture and visual delight in the details. They aim to provide personable service for their guests whilst enjoying the optimal cleanliness and quality comfort they provide. need anything, just ask. They are not robots, and the smiles are real!