Dalby Homestyle Accommodation

Start date: 29 Nov 2021 / End date: 30 Nov 2021

90 Nicholson Street, Dalby 4405

Ph: 0408178313

Dalby Homestyle Accommodation consists of 4 homes in the heart of Dalby housing up to 6 persons in each.

Perfect accommodation for contract workers or you may be visiting Dalby for a special family occasion such as a wedding. Rather than book out a number of motel rooms, you can save by sharing with other family or friends that may be in town for the same reason.

Each home is fully furnished and self contained for your exclusive use.

You will have plenty of room to park your vehicle whether it is a car, truck, caravan or multiple vehicles in your large back yard, and be able to enjoy drinks on your private balcony.

So why be stuck in a room when you can relax in a whole house? The rate remains the same whether it is one to six guests staying.