Dragon Phoenix Resort and Apartments Moree

Start date: 2 Dec 2021 / End date: 3 Dec 2021

361 Frome Street, Moree 2400

Ph: 0267525555

Dragon Phoenix Resort and Apartments offers 98 well maintained, clean and comfortable accommodation options; our friendly staff are dedicated to assisting you in selecting a room to meet your needs and budget. The premises are ideal for corporate travellers, families, couples or solo traveller.

The property boasts two on-site outdoor naturally hot Artesian Thermal Baths, six newly built indoor artesian spa pools and a sauna room. The water extracted from over 865 metres below the surface is a combination of sulphur, calcium, magnesium and potassium. The hot mineral waters are described to rejuvenate the body by relieving tight muscles, speed up post-operative rehabilitation, fight bronchial problems, lower blood pressure and soothe arthritis. However, many avid followers also repeatedly return because of its unique back to natural qualities.

Dragon Phoenix Restaurant is the perfect Moree restaurant to relax and sample the delicious authentic Chinese cuisine and country-style steak meals. Their talented chefs use the local produce freshly cooked with your delight. Dragon Phoenix Resort and Apartments cater for dine-in, take away or room service. The public is welcome. Facilities include overhead projector, whiteboard, WiFi, tea and coffee, biscuits, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. A large room can sit for 80 people. Day or night functions welcome.