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Parkes – the all famous home of ‘The Dish’ and the ‘Parkes Elvis Festival’ is a great place to stop and explore what the Central West of New South Wales has to offer. No visit to Parkes would be complete without visiting the main attractions the town has to offer. Visit the CSIRO Parkes Radio Telescope – star of the Australian movie ‘The Dish’. The purpose of the mysterious looking dish can be described as ‘listening to the stars”.

The Telescope is one of Australia’s most prominent landmarks and part of Australia’s scientific and engineering heritage. Be sure to also stop by The Henry Parkes Centre, located on the Northern side of town on the Newell Highway. The Henry Parkes Centre features two museum collections and Moat Cottage, the first consisting of The King’s Castle Elvis Exhibit and the Parkes Motor Museum – tickets available from Parkes Visitor Information Centre; the second museum consists on the Henry Parkes Museum and the Antique Machinery Collection – Tickets available from Henry Parkes Museum entry. Fill your mind with knowledge on the town’s political, war, transport, mining and land history by visiting other must-see attractions including the Sir Henry Parkes Statue, Kelly Reserve, Bushman’s Hill and Memorial Hill – the perfect choice for history enthusiasts and the active adventurer. Be sure to dust off your Blue Suede Shoes and rock on down to Parkes Elvis Festival in the second week of January to show some Burning Love for the King.

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