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Visitors are always a little baffled by the town’s unusual name, particularly as there isn’t a single banana tree in sight. A dun-coloured bullock is responsible for that. A favourite of local stockmen in the 1860s, Banana the bullock, so named for his yellowish colouring, would help herd wild cattle into holding yards.

When Banana died, the gully was given the name in honour of his feats. A replica of Banana proudly stands in the town, a warm reminder of his legacy to those pioneering days. A key junction point between the Dawson and Leichhardt highways, from Banana travellers can reach all the wonders of the region in next to no time.

Popular fishing locations include Callide Dam and Neville Hewitt Dam.  Visit the Sandstone Wonders website for a list of the Best fishing locations in the Banana Shire.

Nearby attractions include a historic cemetery on the hill behind the town; the tombstones bearing the names of the local pioneering families.  Isla Gorge lies between the townships of Theodore in the north and Taroom in the south, on the Leichhardt Highway.

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Drive Itineraries

  • 694km

    Northern Highlights of the Leichhardt Highway

    From: Goondiwindi to Yeppoon

    Take the fastest highway out of Melbourne to the calm beauty of the tropics.

  • 500km

    Rockhampton to Emerald via the Sandstone Wonders

    From: Rockhampton to Emerald

    Take a scenic detour from Rockhampton to Emerald along the Dawson Highway.

  • 278km

    Historical Trail

    From: Taroom to Biloela

    The Banana Shire is littered with Historical features and experiences for you to enjoy. From Museums and Homestead’s to Historical Villages, you don’

  • 75km

    Banana Loop

    From: Banana to Banana

    This short drive will take you deep into an epic story of Australia's coal mining industry.